Configure Cleo Clarify to include reference data in your Ruleset

Before using the Document History Report, some initial configuration is required in the source Cleo Clarify application. The following steps describe how to edit a Ruleset so that reference data and search codes can be accessed by the Document History report.

Note that these steps apply to any Ruleset used in your inbound or outbound EDI processing.

Determine the data that you wish to provide the value to the Document History report.

  1. From Clarify, open the Ruleset to be edited.
  2. Add the InsertReferenceData SQL Access action to the applicable Composite Rule.
    1. Locate the Composite rule where the search code will be added.
    2. Right-click and select New Rule.
    3. Select the InsertReferenceData action from the EDI actions tab.
    4. From the Properties tab, map the Log_of_Message_Id to the Log_of_Message_Id value.
    5. Assign a constant value to Search_Code
    6. Assign the value from the schema to Reference_Data.
  3. Save and close the Ruleset.
    Note: A list of search codes is not provided; If there were search codes created previously, and you plan to use one, you will need to know the name of the code.
    The setup is complete. This search code can now be used in other messages to create a document history. You can filter on these values in the Document History Report.