Filtering Reports

Your data may contain hundreds or even thousands of records; in this case, it can be difficult to find information quickly. Take advantage of the Dashboard's Filter tool to narrow down the amount of records and view only the information you require.

Most reports contains a Filter button at the top of the screen; pressing it brings up a filter screen that can be used to enter search criteria specific to the report you are in. In other words, only criteria that is applicable to the report is made available for filtering. While filter values differ for certain reports, the filtering process is the same. Most reports require an initial filtering in order to run.
Note: Be aware that a report without filtering may display all data for a particular report type - which, depending on the amount of data, could cause performance implications and affect the time for report completion.

Populating fields with drop-downs and widgets

The Filtering screen uses drop-down menus and calendar widgets to help select filtering criteria. Use the calendar button to select a start and end date for the filtering period.  

Executing your filter

Filters won't execute until actually pressing the Filter button at the bottom of screen.

Clearing your filter

Click on the actual report title to clear the filter.

Other important notes

Filter fields are case sensitive.

Filter results may return values partially contained in a given field. For example, should the user type 123 in the ICN filter field, the filter results will include all records with ICN #s that contain that value, such as, 0000001235, 001104123, and 123000001.Filter fields are case sensitive.

Save your search criteria for reuse

The Dashboard allows you to save your filter for reuse, thereby eliminating the need to repeat the filter process each time you run the same report.
  1. Click Options from the top-right menu.

    The Saved Searches window appears.

  2. Give the filter an identifiable name and click Save. Your saved filter now appears as a link. In the example below, the name of the search is MondayMorning.

The next time you wish to run the filter, return to the Saved Search window and click the link.